How to Get Rid of Acne


You CAN have clear skin if you know what to do. There are a few key concepts that you need to know to get your skin clear.

  • You need to use the right products for your type of skin.  A product that is good for inflamed acne will not be good for those annoying bumps we sometimes get.

  •  Products need to be strong enough for your type of acne. If they are not, your skin will not change much. If they are too strong, you will irritate and dehydrate your skin.  I design the correct program for YOUR skin.

  •  You need to use these products in the right way. It takes strong products to get nicely hydrated, smooth skin, but if you use too much too soon, you will irritate and dehydrate your skin. You must start slowly with strong products.

  •  You need to account for skin adaptation. What does this mean? This means you cannot allow your skin to get too “used” to products. If you do, then your skin will stop responding and not get clear.  It takes adjusting your skin care regimen routinely.

Does this all sound like tricky business? Yes, no doubt that it is.

These are the main reasons you need an acne expert to guide you in the process of getting your skin clear. We know what it takes to get and keep your skin clear and we know how to take care of troubled skin.


Disclaimer:  Your results may vary.  Results take time and depend on adherence to the whole program.  Results typically take 3-4 months, but could take longer.  Your skin is worth the time and effort.