The Proof: Nothing But The Facts, Please.

I feel bad for consumers of acne care, especially.  There are SO many conflicting voices telling us to do this or that.  Uninformed people abound, and will tell you to put lemon juice mixed with baking soda, and use as a scrub (Do NOT do this!  I beg you!), use coconut oil, or this product or this "natural" remedy.  It's no mystery why people are so very confused about what to do!  But desperation drives the need to FIND something, anything that may work!

Effective, and reliable acne care is like putting together a puzzle, and sometimes we don't realize a piece or two is missing.  We just know we never are able to get that puzzle put together.  If someone, anyone is telling you what to do for acne, ask a simple question.  "Do you have PROOF that this works?  Where is it?  I'd like to see your results."  It's a simple question.  One any credible esthetician should be able to answer.  

It's YOUR skin, your life.  Ask the questions you need to decide where to place your consumer dollar.