What Does It Take To Get Clear Skin?!?!


Being an Acne Specialist, I get this question all the time.  The frustration acne sufferers go through knows no bounds.  I have been there.  So have all five of my children, and many clients I have coached to clear skin.  While it would be great if I could point folks to ONE magical product, or ONE magical facial treatment, the truth is that it is a complex disorder, and there are NO easy answers.  BUT!  There IS hope!  I see it every day in my Acne Clinic!  As clients begin to get clear skin, I can see the relief on their faces, and they are happy with seeing progress that continues to get better every week.  Not every DAY, mind you.  But every week.  It takes dedication to the whole program.  The more compliant the client is at home with their skin care regimen, and when they are consistent with keeping their appointments, the better their skin gets!  It takes perseverance through some set-backs, and life issues that arise at times, and it takes consistency to do the day-by-day work.  You can see the before and afters here on my web site.  If you want these results, you can have them!  I will guide clients, instruct clients, and encourage clients.  Ultimately YOU have to do the daily work and follow my guidance every step of the way.  This is what it takes.  Are you ready?