Spa Facial Safety: Does Your Esthetician Wear Gloves?



By Nondy Llewellyn, LE


Does your esthetician wear gloves for the entire facial treatment?  Gloves reduce hand contamination by 70 to 80 percent and prevent cross–contamination and infection.  While the risk seems relatively remote in a spa or salon setting, always remember that pathogens cannot be seen by the naked eye.

You, the consumer, must take your own health and safety into consideration even in the salon or spa.  Wearing gloves does not replace the need for handwashing, nor does handwashing preclude the need for wearing gloves.  Both should be performed before each client is touched. 

It wasn’t too long ago that estheticians routinely used the same stick when waxing a client, thus potentially contaminating the whole wax pot.  Now you will almost NEVER find an esthetician who performs waxing hair removal services this way.  It’s unsafe, and consumers are more aware when choosing a waxing service provider.  Now, you will often see “No double-dipping” when spas advertise their services.  This assures the potential client of a safer waxing procedure.

The same concept applies with estheticians wearing gloves for every service on a client’s skin.  My clients are educated consumers and know that in my skin studio all precautions are taken for their health and safety. This includes using gloves from start to finish for all skin treatments I perform.

Ask your esthetician if he/she uses gloves during the entire facial.  If they don’t normally, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask them to wear gloves for the entire time. When it comes to your health, it’s you who must be proactive.  In many cases the esthetician may not have had the training necessary and may appreciate you asking them to wear gloves.  


Nondy Llewellyn is a licensed esthetician in Bakersfield, California

NCEA Nationally Certified

Master Esthetician in Washington State

Certified Acne Specialist

Owner/Esthetician at Bakersfield Acne Care